Why Choose MindSpeak?

The MindSpeak Center for Neurological Differences uses a combination of assessment and testing, ask neurofeedback, order EMDR and talk therapy to in enhance and treat the brain. With over 20 years of clinical experience in a full range of treatments, our center enables you to overcome chronic, overwhelming challenges that have often been unresolved by other forms of traditional therapy.

MindSpeak has been the beneficiary of the confluence of new technologies through its relationship with NeuroField, Inc., a California-based neurotechnology company founded in 2008 by Nicholas J. Dogris, Ph.D. Dr. Jason Mishalanie of MindSpeak trained under Dr. Dogris and is one of the few number of clinicians in the North Texas area who is trained to administer neurotherapy treatments using the NeuroField methodology, which involves some of the most advanced equipment in the field of neuroscience  designed to help the individual learn to self-regulate emotional and behavioral responses in a clinic setting and to take that learning into “real life” situations.

What is Neurotherapy?

Neurotherapy is a general term used to encompass various treatments employed by a skilled neurotherapist to guide an individual’s brain into making adjustments that improve its effectiveness and efficiency in functioning. Using the information from the brain mapping and from client report regarding symptoms, the neurotherapist gives the brain the cues it needs to improve its own performance. Gradually, the brain learns to maintain this new level of function even when the cues are reduced or withdrawn. The brain is remarkably capable of learning more than we can imagine it could.

What conditions can benefit from Neurotherapy?

Neurotherapy treatments address brain dysregulation which could be displayed in difficulty with mood, sleep, focus, relaxation, learning, energy levels, organization and many other features. Some conditions where neurotherapy has been found helpful include ADD/ADHD, Depression, Insomnia and other Sleep Disorders, Addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Autism and Personality Disorders.